Enable GTM teams with point-of-need knowledge delivery

Analyze what clients are asking over email

✓ Push the right messaging and collateral at point-of-need

✓ Understand how clients are responding

Available for GMail users on Google Chrome

Data driven enablement. Every step of the way.

Actionable email pulse data

Set alerts on key words and phrases so you can track the pulse of your customers over time. Email accounts for 12 hours a week of a reps time, stop being blind to it beyond high level activity metrics.

See how often customers are mentioning competitors, pricing, market conditions, paywalled features and more. 

Point-of-need knowledge deployment

Create rules that push the right collateral and/or messaging straight to the inbox when triggered. Stop expecting reps to go hunting. Seeking out knowledge is estimated to be 30% of a reps time – what a phenomenal waste.

Fully automated snippets, canned responses and collateral delivery when knowledge is actually needed

Fluff-free enablement analytics

Instantly understand what reps/teams/regions are up against and identify reps who aren’t using the provided knowledge. Stop treating everybody equally, expecting accountability without mechanisms and teaching everybody everything. 

Quantifiable data on frequency of matches and adoption of knowledge, segmented however you require

Know if your stuff is good or bad

Understand sentiment from how clients respond (or don’t) to your targeted messaging and collateral. Stop operating in the dark and hold your marketing partners accountable.

Sentiment analysis flagging issues with effectiveness of current messaging and collateral

We play well with others

You can add collateral directly from source, or by using a send-friendly link from your current knowledge base

“Handle saves people from the time, hassle and stress of constantly hunting for information”

Handle Beta User – Custom Solutions Engineer at Fortune 500 company

Our mission is unlock the power of email data in order to enable businesses to understand their customers and serve them better



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